Copping a Feel

Officer Vanessa Veracruz needs some new leads in a case, and heads down to a gang-owned strip club to see if she can get some answers. But when she questions a stripper named Summer Brielle, her bribe buys her a lot more than information.

Copping a Feel starring Vanessa Veracruz and Summer Brielle

Take Me To The Candy Shop

Yet again, a beautiful chick comes by our doors and this time with a unique piece of clothing, a whole undergarment made of candy… and a pussy which really wants to taste it. Check Vanessa Veracruz masturbating her way into a orgasmic experimentation of sweets that even Willy Wonka would be proud of.

Take Me To The Candy Shop starring Vanessa Veracruz

Things I Would Do

On this lazy afternoon with nothing better to do, Vanessa Veracruz decides to show us her superb body and apt masturbation skills on her couch. This chick is totally sexy and does have one of the best pussy’s out there.

Things I Would Do starring Vanessa Veracruz

Look Under Here

Vanessa Veracruz gets naughty while chilling indoors. She quickly undresses herself and starts playing with her sexy nipples. Not before long, she rubs her pulsing clit and satisfies herself with her fingers.

Look Under Here starring Vanessa Veracruz